Alex Estrin – About the Author

Alex Estrin is the author of this blog and an expert in home mortgages.

Alex Estrin in 2018.
Alex Estrin in 2018.

About Me

I’ve been a licensed mortgage originator since 2012. I’ve been a loan officer, a mortgage broker, a mortgage banker, and a branch manager of a mortgage brokerage. I part-owned a small real estate company for close to two years. I’ve helped many homeowners during my career.

As of the time I’m writing this post, 7/2018, my career is progressing into a different field. I’m now only doing mortgages, as a broker, part-time. While I can’t help as many folks with mortgages as I did before, this blog will fulfill my devotion to helping people by giving you high-quality content.

Prior to getting into the mortgage industry, I studied finance, accounting, and economics at the prestigious Columbia University in New York. I finished undergrad with very high honors, earning my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Financial Economics in 2012. Having moved to NY for school, I moved back home, to┬áLos Angeles, after graduation.

Alex Estrin’s Credentials

Below are links you can follow to verify my mortgage credentials and expertise:


California Department of Real Estate Broker License #01919847

On my free time, I keep exotic fish and ride motorcycles.

If you every feel like a small fish in a big pond when shopping for your mortgage, realize that you’re the prize and every lender wants your business. Make sure to read my blog and apply as many techniques as humanly possible while shopping for your mortgage.