Mortgage Interest – Should You Care?

Mortgage interest is a big expense for American families. It is so big in fact that over 30 years you repay the bank a little over double the amount you originally borrowed. I suggest choosing your mortgage wisely.


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What This Blog Is About

This blog is going to reveal my six finest techniques of negotiating a good deal on your mortgage and saving a fortune on mortgage interest. You don’t have to pay me for the information. Most of it is outlined in paragraphs to follow.

My techniques work for purchase mortgages and refinance mortgages. The method is very powerful and it will work on just about any loan. However, it is tailored for residential mortgages (excluding reverse mortgages) because residential mortgages are unique in the way you shop them.

How You Will Save a Fortune on Mortgage Interest

By using my ATOMIC Method of Mortgage Savings, you will be able to achieve one of the following or a combination of:

• Saving money on mortgage interest,
• Paying lower closing costs,
• Comparing similar or different mortgages to find the best one,
• Minimizing out of pocket expenses.

The ATOMIC method will turn you into one of the most educated consumers on the market when shopping for mortgages because most people don’t have this knowledge. Lenders will no longer be fooling you with their offers. You’ll be comparing different offers as if you’re an industry insider. Revealing this information to you is not something your local bank loan officer would want me to do. An educated borrower, for most loan officers, is a pain. Therefore, pay close attention, take notes, and get ready to save a lot of money!

Armed with this information you will be one of the most powerful mortgage shoppers out there. No longer will a lender be able to temp you with what seems to be a good offer, while they sweep the costs under the rug in another section of the loan estimate. In contrast with uneducated shoppers, you will start receiving the best offers available out there on the market!

What the AMOTIC Method of Mortgage Savings Won’t Do For You

The ATOMIC method is a step-by-step, surefire way for you to save money. If you do the work required by my method, you will save money. What the ATOMIC method won’t do is teach you how to find good lenders to shop. That is a vast topic that deserves a whole separate section. I’m expecting for you to figure that out on your own. Make sure to put in a lot of research into the lenders you approach for quotes because if you’re comparing only high cost lenders, then the best offer you’ll get is the lowest of the high cost offers. If you’re in California and need a recommendation, message me privately and I’ll try to get back to you soon.


“What the ATOMIC method won’t do is teach you how to find good lenders to shop. You’re expected to do that on your own. Make sure to put in a lot of research into the lenders you approach for quotes.”


The ATOMIC method won’t tell you how to pick a specific type of mortgage (i.e. 30-Year Fixed vs. 20-Year Fixed). The method is designed to be implemented after you determine what type of mortgage is right for you. This is what a reputable mortgage professional can help you with, or perhaps your financial advisor. I suggest you spend a lot of time thinking about this question before you move on to implementing my ATOMIC Method of Mortgage Savings.

In conclusion, get ready to save a lot of money but also get ready to put in more than a few hours of your time. You’ll get better results by putting in more time, because doing a lot of research upfront is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for a successful negotiation.

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